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Marqueur laser à fibre optique à 3 axes

Série MD-F


Marqueur laser 3D forte puissance
Marquage et traitement ultra-haute vitesse des métaux

    • 50 W and 30 W Models available
    • Fanless marking head for environmental resistance
    • 3-Axis Control
    • High quality scanner control
    • Built-In thermopile power monitor
    • In addition to the 30 W model, a 50 W model with best-in-class output has been added to our lineup.
      High-power fibre laser technology leads to remarkable improvements in marking time, production efficiency, and quality.

    • The MD-F Series makes it possible to select the optimum laser scanning control to match the application. The optimum marking parameters can easily be selected for the material and content being marked. This makes it possible to improve marking time and quality in nearly every application.

    • The MD-F Series provides extremely high output power in a compact design. The natural air cooled system offers a completely sealed, fanless structure. The internal components of the MD-F Series are not affected by hazardous elements such as dirt, dust, water, and oil mist. This gives the MD-F Series environmental resistance that allows for its use in the harshest manufacturing environments.

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